Create Your Short Name for Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business recently rolled out a feature to let businesses create a short name and short URL. This new feature is designed to finally give Google My Business accounts a simple way to make their profile on Google Business more accessible to potential customers. 

Businesses can now use this short URL on materials like business cards, websites, social media, brochures, etc, in order to help customers easily find the business and leave reviews, get directions, access contact information, photos, videos, and more.

create your google short name

Once you create your short name, the URL format will be[yourcustomname]. There is a five character requirement for the name. Then when users navigate to the short URL, they will be taken to the Google business listing in Google Maps.

So What is a Short Name?

A short name is the unique shorter name that Google uses to represent your business name, brand, location and description. For example, you can use your business name with your location like your city, state or neighborhood. For P3 Marketing Strategies, we just used @P3Marketing to keep it short. We also didn’t add a city location because we serve clients nationwide.

So Who Can Get a Short Name?

Any business with a verified listing in Google My Business can create a custom or short name. Keep in mind, Google rolls features out slowly so if you don’t have it yet, you will soon.

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So How Do I Get My Short Name?

First, this will be easiest from your desktop computer. Sign in to your Google My Business account, then select the location you want to work on. (You may only have one and that is okay.) From the left hand side menu, you can click the “Info” tab and then “Add profile short name.” From there, you can enter your short name with no less than five characters and no more than 32 characters. After applying, your short name will show as “Pending.” When it’s ready and Google approved, the short URL will show on your Business Profile.

Though slightly more difficult, it can be done from your mobile device. Open the Google My Business app, select “Profile” and then “Add profile short name.” Simply save the changes and your short name will show again as “Pending” until it’s Google approved and ready to show.

So What Does It Looks Like?

Below is the Google My Business profile screen for P3 Marketing Strategies:

Create a short name with google

So Why Should I Care?

The smart businesses use Google Maps to help their customers find them, learn more about their business, and read their reviews. The next time a customer calls your business, you can direct them to your[yourshortname] – making it much easier for people to learn about you and leave reviews on Google.

So What If I Need Help?

One of the services we offer at P3 Marketing Strategies is management of your Google My Business listing. Our one time service includes a complete optimization of your profile for the most exposure. Our monthly service includes the initial optimization plus monthly maintenance services to keep it optimized and bringing in customers with new photos, reviews, and posts.

To find out more, you can email us at for more information about our Google My Business services.


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Author: P3 Marketing Strategies

P3 Marketing Strategies, headed by Tarrah Wright-Palmer, is themarketing expert in Houston. An innovative and inventive company that uses a business’ online presence to their greatest advantage, however that may be.

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